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$13,000.00  $9,999.00

or starting from $198/36 month
or starting from $198/36 month

The GTS7 is the outcome of KAI’s commitment to improve your life through technology and innovation. It’s groundbreaking 3DS Art Motion engine combines carefully choreographed 3D roller motions with proprietary Sonic Wave technology to penetrate deeper into muscle tissue than is possible by any conventional massage chair.

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Sonic Wave
A symphonic revolution of sound and motion, KAI’s 3DS Art Motion engine uses proprietary Sonic Wave technology to sync the movement of the massage rollers with a range of low frequency sound waves that penetrate deeper into muscle tissue than is possible with any conventional massage engine.

3DS Art Motion Massage Engine
KAI’s 3DS Art Motion engine combines pneumatic 3D roller motions with proprietary Sonic Wave technology to provide a uniquely versatile range of massage experiences, from delicately soothing to deeply therapeutic.


The GTS7 goes beyond the benefits of a conventional L-Track with the addition of an ergonomically-crafted lumbar curve. By matching the natural curvature of the lower back, the track allows the 3DS Art Motion engine to deliver a more effective massage to this critical area of the lower back.

Body Scan with Precision Massage Customization
The GTS7 automatically measures your body prior to each session, customizing the motions and acoustic vibrations of the 3DS Art Motion engine across 140 distinct body zones to provide a massage tailored to each user’s unique body profile.

Advanced Safety System
The GTS7 vigilantly monitors for young children or pets that come too close to a moving footrest or backrest. Enjoy the peace of mind provided by an array of touch and motion sensors located in the footrest, leg and backrest that detect nearby obstructions and automatically stop the chair’s motion.

Calf & Seat Heat
Infrared heating in the calf and seat provide soothing relief for the lower body.

Zero Gravity
The GTS7’s L-Track+ can place the user in zero gravity recline. The zero gravity position encourages blood flow and lets muscles fully relax by placing the users in a semi-fetal prone position with knees above the heart and weight evenly distributed across your entire body.

Soundscape Massage
Transform your state of mind and body with a masterfully orchestrated fusion of music, motion and acoustic vibration. The movements and sonic vibration of the 3DS Art Motion engine are carefully choreographed to five pre-loaded songs ranging from meditative to energizing. Or pair with any Bluetooth-enabled audio device to create a custom experience.

Soundscape Massage UNIVERSAL® Music Collaboration
Extend your immersive massage experience with a curated selection of songs from Universal Music’s extensive library.

Foot Rollers
Recognizing that different zones of the foot require different treatments, the GTS7 replaces the traditional heel roller with a heel-tapping mechanism designed specifically to activate the firm muscle tissue of the heel.

Automatic Leg Extension
The GTS7 footrest automatically adjusts its position to perfectly match the footrest length to the user’s height.

Wirelessly connect your audio device to the GTS7 to take full advantage of its Immersive Audio System and Soundscape Massage.

Immersive Audio
Expand your massage session beyond the realm of touch with Immersive Audio. Connect your own music device via Bluetooth or enjoy the GTS7’s pre-programmed scores.

Wall Hugging
Maximize your living space with GTS7’s wall hugging design, requiring only 4.3″ (11cm) between the wall and chair back.

Upright Dimensions 1610(L) x 820(W) x 1200(H)mm
Reclined Dimensions 1860(L) x 820(W) x 990(H)mm
Packaging Dimensions Per Unit” Box 1 (one box only):
55.5″” W x 34.5″” L x 51.5″” H (1410mm W x 871mm L x 1305mm H)”
Chair Weight: 115 kg
Boxed Weight Box 1 (one box only):
306.5 lbs (139kg)
Door Size Requirements Minimum Of 34″ Wide.
Manual Programs: 11
Automatical Programs: 6
Program Run Time: 15 min
Power Supply 230W, 110V

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You can return your order for any reason within 30 days from the date you receive your delivery. Just contact us and we’ll send a truck to pick it up.

So you would receive a full refund, minus $250 for shipping. Upgrades like indoor setup service are non refundable.

Items must be in new condition and contain the original box and packaging materials that were shipped to you. If you are getting indoor setup or white glove service, we advise you to instruct the delivery person to give you the boxes so you can keep them.

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Our goal is for you to have a massage chair that you and your family will love for many years. So if you wish to exchange your chair for a different model, we do our best to minimize the cost of returning your chair. And depending on which chair you exchange it for, we may be able to absorb most or all of the return costs for you.