Furniture For Life, a global massage chair specialty retail chain, recently opened a location in Fort Lee, New Jersey, just a few steps away from the Fort Lee H-Mart.  If you are looking to experience the most complete collection of global massage chair brands, Furniture For Life is the best retailer and resource in the Tri-State area.

Though part of the larger Furniture For Life family, the Fort Lee store is locally owned and operated.

“This is our home, so our first priority when starting this business was to offer something that would benefit the people in our community,” says Huynh. “By partnering with Furniture For Life, we’re able to offer a wide range of the best massage chairs and other types of healthy lifestyle furniture in the industry. We’re able to really diagnose the problem each customer is trying to solve and suggest the solution that is right for them.”

Unlike most stores carrying massage chairs, which offer only a few models from one or two brands and take a “one size fits all” approach to meeting their customers’ needs, Furniture For Life has curated the world’s top brands to form a collection of massage chairs that meets the unique needs of each customer – whether they’re just looking for relaxation, an athlete seeking to enhance performance through recovery, or someone in chronic pain needing deep therapy.

Another notable distinction about Furniture For Life’s selection: its chairs are attractive.

“We discovered that if people think their massage chair is an eyesore, they tuck it away in a back room and don’t end up using it often enough to receive its full benefits,” says Furniture For Life founder and CEO Cliff Levin. “That’s why we carry massage chairs that beautify your home, in addition to providing profound health and comfort benefits.”

Furniture For Life’s massage chair portfolio includes 12 models across 4 brands, ranging from industry-straddling household names like Panasonic to the award-winning luxury brand OHCO, whose chair models are all designed by Ken Okuyama – a living legend among industrial designers. Among his other notable projects, Ken Okuyama designed the Enzo Ferrari. Inspired by his high performance automobile projects, three OHCO models feature patented rear-swing doors that offer both unique styling and a very convenient way for people with mobility issues to get into and out of the chairs.

In addition to carrying massage chairs, Furniture For Life offers mattresses, recliners, and ergonomic office seating. The latter are supplied by the Norwegian company Varier, whose Variable kneeling chair has become as iconic as it is beneficial to your posture and health.

“The last year has driven home how important it is to proactively take care of our health and wellness,” says Fort Lee location co-owner. “That’s why we decided to open even though we’re still in the midst of the pandemic.”

About Furniture For Life Stores

Our mission is to help you relax, rejuvenate, and live a better life.

When you visit Furniture For Life, you enter an eye-opening and delightful world of wellness and comfortable surprises. 

Based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Furniture For Life offers products that are tastefully designed and exceptionally comfortable. We guarantee that anything you choose from us will enhance your comfort, reduce your stress, improve your overall wellness, and bring a cheerier aspect to each and every day of your life. Our products feel great, provide years of reliable performance, and add an air of elegance and grace to your home.

We carry an impressive, capable, and carefully curated portfolio of best-in-class massage chairs, zero gravity recliners, ergonomic office chairs, and hybrid mattresses from high quality global brands like OHCOPositive PosturePanasonicD.Core, Varier and others.

When you chat, talk, or visit with us, you’ll see that we are friendly, patient, and caring professionals who take great pride in helping you make your home more comfortable: Everyone on our team is expertly trained and genuinely interested in matching the right products to your specific needs and wants. We invite you to mail, call, chat, or visit a store or gallery.

Our keen focus on product quality and customer service means that you’re in good hands during the exploration and buying process, and you’ll be well cared for after you become an owner of a product from Furniture For Life. Everything we offer meets the best global quality standards and comes with the most complete and comprehensive warranties in the industry. 

We hope that you have the opportunity to experience the positive health and relaxation benefits that our products can bring into your life. 

Unsurpassed massage chair experience and expertise

Our founder, Cliff Levin, has been deeply involved in massage chairs since 1996, and he has over 25 years of professional experience promoting health and wellness. It’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about massage chairs and the many other products we carry. Cliff’s familiarity with the category is woven into the fabric of Furniture For Life, and it is part of what has driven our team to be proud purveyors of the world’s best massage chairs and the leading global resource for expert guidance and information about massage chairs. This is reflected in every Comfort Consultant’s deep understanding of the massage chairs we feature.

At Furniture For Life, we understand exactly what separates run-of-the-mill massage chairs from the best massage chairs. From first-hand experience, we know the kind of time, effort, and investment it takes to imagine, design, and build a massage chair that rises above ALL others in feel and effectiveness. We promise you that our collection is the finest selection of massage chairs you can find.

We look forward to your visit, and we look forward to being able to earn your trust as we guide you to solutions that deliver abiding comfort, improved health, and complete wellness of your mind and body.