Our 90-Day Price Match Guarantee

Buy with confidence! Our 90-Day Price Match Promise means that you know that you’re receiving the best possible price on your purchase.

For up to 90 days from the date of your purchase, if you find a lower advertised price for exactly the same item (brand, model number, upholstery) sold by any other authorized dealer of the identical item you purchased from us, or if we advertise a reduced price for the same item, simply present the current advertisement to us, and we will credit you the difference. It is that simple. We believe in our prices, and we believe in being fair to you.

When presenting a qualified competing ad, please note that we will take into account any shipping and/or set up fees, warranty costs, promotional gifts we may have included that a competitor does not include, and taxes that add to the final price you would have to pay a competitor for the identical item.

Our Price Match Promise excludes floor samples, open box goods, special orders, clearance goods, “As-Is” items, going-out-of-business sales, and any offer from any business or individual not authorized to represent a specific product.

The programs and policies presented here are offered by FurnitureForLife.com and the Furniture For Life flagship store in Boulder, Colorado. Policies at your local store or gallery, and those offered by other websites may differ.